Thursday, 3 September 2015

Jumping JollyBeans!

Last week, I had the good fortune to receive a message from the lovely Shea of JollyBeans, who offered to send me one of her handmade wooden cameras to put a smile back on our faces after our recent misfortune of being burgled.

Low and behold, in the post arrived a packaging containing not just one, but three gorgeous, handmade, wooden cameras. My three have been absolutely delighted with their new found hobby!

Sophie with her Watermelon Camera

Take a look at Shea's marvellous creations and read all about her handmade adventure below;

How & when did Jollybeans come about?

Established in 2014 making reversible sun hats, the idea came when I wasn't finding anything suitable for my newborn Jack, from there it was late night breastfeeding sessions and flicking through Pinterest on how to evolve my handmade buisness. My husband is a cabinet maker and we both have a love for anything made of timber. So my journey of hand crafted toys began.

Is Jollybeans your day job? Or a hobby business?

WAHM for sure, JollyBeans always had started out as a day time hobby whilst out baby slept but now it has turned into my job. I'm a girl boss for life!

JollyBeans Jump Rope

Where do you work from?

I've gone from sewing in the lounge room to transforming our sunroom to my own creative space. Sun filled and looking out to a relaxing backyard is the perfect place for JollyBeans. Packing usually takes over the dining table during restocks lol

What do you love most about what you do?

There's a number of things I love about what JollyBeans means for me, feedback the good (and bad) helps a lot in my business, it allows me to create high quality items. Customers and my loyal stockists have all been so wonderful to me and giving the brand a chance.

The hand-made community, the ladies and gents I've "met" so far through having an online/social media business have really encouraged and supported me since I started on this journey to all I owe a really big thank you. 

Posting items away to their new homes and awaiting nervously for appreciated feedback and being tagged in joyful photos! 

Say Broccoli!

What is your favourite item?

Say Broccoli camera's.
The time I devote to each one and knowing "say broccoli" is our families phrase when having photos taken, that really brings it home for me. The colours pop and I love matching our skipping ropes to these too.

What does the future hold for Jollybeans?

Possibilities are always endless when we set our minds to achieve great things. At the moment we (my husband and I) are going to create a few decor and storage pieces together. Keeping on trend with our love and passion woodworking so that's something I'm really excited to be doing with him.
We've also teamed up with some beautiful stores to begin collaborating, it's hush hush for now but really cool! 

I look forward to the launch.

You can keep up to date with JollyBeans on Instagram, check them out in stores and shop direct 24/7 online!

Does your child / children have a favourite handmade toy?

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  1. What a lovely gesture from Jolly Beans. Handmade gifts are always so special. All the best to Jolly Beans.