Saturday, 8 August 2015

Handmade Challenge - August Update

Ahhhhhhhh! It's August, it's August?! Oh, my, goodness. I don't know What happened to July. Did anyone else miss July completely?

I didn't achieve anything off my Handmade Challenge List in July and I'm panicking. There are only 20 more weeks until Christmas, and I can pretty much write off December anyway. So in reality, I have 16 more weeks to make; A Card Table Tent, A Bolero, An Apron, A Fabric Dollhouse and a Christmas Tree Skirt. It all started out so promisingly...

The good news is, it's just over a week into August, and I have finally managed to finish Sophie's cardigan, hooray! Thankfully it's a little large on her, so it's going to be the perfect spring cardigan.

Not perfect, but very sweet!
The pattern wasn't terribly well written, although lack of sleep doesn't help. It wasn't a complex pattern per se, it was just a little difficult to figure out where I was up to. I used Patons Dreamtime Merino 4 ply and it is so ridiculously soft and machine washable!

Sophie in her cardigan.. oooh so squishy!

My apologies for the state of this post and the photos. Since my last post, our house was broken into and (among other items) our computer and camera were stolen. So this post has been written on an ancient laptop my husband brought home from work (that keeps crashing on me) and the photos I hastily snapped on my Mum's camera during a quick visit.

How is your list going? Did you make anything in July?

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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Sophie's cardigan. It is gorgeous and these hasty photos don't do the garment or colour justice. Well done!