Friday, 17 July 2015

Squirrel It Away

It's been a cold winter here in Melbourne. I am not a fan of winter. Not one little bit. The kids adore being outside though, and therefore need an appropriate wardrobe. I had spotted some gorgeous hooded vests that were handmade by Natalie at Squirrel and Fink

Natalie has a great range of fabrics to choose from. I chose some fabrics for my three little monsters, and Natalie turned them into the most adorable well made vests around. So of course, I needed to hear all about Natalie's Handmade Adventure, which she has most kindly shared;

Our Trio of Vests, so beautifully made

How & when did Squirrel & Fink come about? 

Squirrel & Fink was established in January 2013. We moved from Victoria to QLD for work. While packing up our house, I was asked if I wanted my sewing machine and overlocker which had been sitting in storage for several years. I had always had an interest in sewing and all other crafts from a young age, working full time and the birth of our two girls I just never had the time to pursue it. It didn't take long for me to think about it, I said yes to the sewing machine and overlocker and that was when Squirrel & Fink began...

A lot of time and effort In-Vested!
Is Squirrel & Fink your day job?
Once all my mummy duties are complete, I then put my business hat on. It’s my hobby business, an enjoyable past & future leisure activity I am extremely passionate about. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from my kids and what they are into. I love Australian Pattern Designers and love to work with their patterns. When I create & choose fabrics, I tend to think about the current trends, what designs are currently in my kid’s wardrobes that it would go with making sure that they are also versatile.

What is your favourite design?

Adorable Fink Bunny
My favourite design is my Fink bunny’s. Every one I make, seems to have a cheeky look about them, ears up or to the side they have a personality. 

Where do you work from?
I have taken over the dining room, I use the dining room table and have set up an Ikea wardrobe & draws for {some} of my supplies. Kids eat at the breakfast bar. I dream of my very own Squirrel & Fink studio...

What do you love most about what you do?
Everything. Collaborating with my clients on their orders, fulfilling that order, wrapping and posting. While I sit anxiously for confirmation that my parcel has been received and their feedback, it also keeps me going.

What's next for Squirrel & Fink?

My direction changes nearly every week, there is so much I would love to do, I just need more hours in the day. I am currently working on new dolls between orders; hopefully I will have something to show very soon.

If you are after something special and well made for a little someone, I highly recommend taking a look at Squirrel and Fink.

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