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Hi There! My name is Karen and welcome to My Handmade Adventure. This blog is about me making things, discovering new crafty skills, and rejoicing in the skills of other talented people.

I reside in Melbourne with my Greek husband, and our three children, Felix, Arthur and Sophie. At the time of writing they are 2, 3 and 4 years old.

Our little girl Sophie was born with a heart condition called Transposition of The Greater Arteries. She required open heart surgery at 4 weeks of age, and had numerous complications post surgery.

She had a second open heart surgery in May 2015, and we now hope that she's on track without any further intervention.

This has had a huge impact on all of us. You will find things relating to our experiences coming through on my posts, I am also very keen on philanthropy and am always happy to promote and support a good cause.

Originally I hail from the NSW Central Coast. My two sisters live there still with their families. My husband is from Canberra, where his parents, two brothers and their families are located.

My parents live on a largish block in Gippsland Victoria. Only about a 1 hour drive away from us, which is a godsend. We only have a tiny backyard and the kids appreciate space to run free!

My crafting is mainly geared towards knitting, and I love to bake.
If we could have sweets for breakfast lunch and dinner, I would do it. There was a time when I did enjoy cross stitch, and I am doing my best to improve my sewing and crocheting skills.

Thank you for visiting me here, and I hope you will share your handmade adventure with me.


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