Thursday, 17 September 2015

Handmade Challenge - September Update

I don't want to panic anyone, but... 

PANIC STATIONS!! I have only inched marginally closer towards achieving anything off my handmade challenge list, and my 'to make list' is growing.

For my handmade challenge I still have to make an apron, a card table tent, a bolero, a dollhouse and a Christmas tree skirt.

I have started the bolero, I have cut out the pattern for the apron, and have collected together all the items I need for the doll house. I have nothing for the tree skirt or the tent.

Things added to my 'To Make List' include; Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, invitations, birthday baking, not to mention the orders that keep popping up from my online store.

Nobody panic! Except me, I'm panicking.

How are you going with your list?

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