Monday, 1 June 2015

Owl - Mini Challenge Week 3

This little Owl from Fluff and Fuzz will mark the halfway point of my Mini Challenge if I manage to finish by Sunday 7th of June (June already!!)
This should be a hoot!

I am keen to get stuck into about three projects I have in various stages of completion. Number one is Sophie's cardigan off my Handmade Challenge List, another is something for me, and the third is my own pattern for a cuddly toy I am making to enter in this year's Melbourne Show. The toys will be donated to the Royal Children's Hospital (where Sophie has now had 4 operations) which is the perfect reason for me to make and enter something.

We are still a bit paranoid about our little girl and are keeping a close eye on her. She has a virus and isn't 100%, so every little cough, cry and slightly strange breath have me examining every square inch of her. Extremely glad not to be in hospital though.

What have you been working on?

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