Sunday, 21 June 2015

This is not a holiday - Mini Challenge Week 5

Well I may have been making a Camper Van this week, but it certainly hasn't been a fun and relaxing adventure! I don't know exactly why, but this one has been a bit of a disaster. The pattern by Amanda at Fluff and Fuzz is just as well written, as clear and as clever as the rest of the patterns, I however, have stumbled.

It has personality, that's for sure!

Perhaps it was my colour choice (the original is blue). I was trying to resemble Peppa Pig's camper van (one of my children's much loved programs). I've finished it, but it certainly falls very short of my standards.

There is now only one item to complete in my Fluff and Fuzz Mini Challenge, and that is the Loopy Sheep. I have read over the pattern, and I am afraid to report, I have left the most difficult until last.

The Loopy Sheep... Guaranteed to send me Loopy!

I have also been working at getting my little handmade business up and running. This has been an emotional roller coaster (and I've only been online for a week!) This is because I am worried no-one will like, or want what I am making.

Baby Mittens - A new item I've been designing

However, I have turned my thinking around. I make what I love and love what I make. It would be a huge bonus if someone was to pay me for doing so, but if it doesn't happen, I will still make what I love and love what I make.

I hope you have been making something you love too.

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