Sunday, 14 June 2015

Make it Snappy - Mini Challenge Week 4

What I've discovered this week is; I love knitting cables! I purchased the Fluff and Fuzz pattern Miles the Crocodile so that I could give cables a try. The verdict is, I love them! I also love my (not so little) Croc!

Smiles for Miles

I made him in a bigger ply, on larger needles, so he is a good size and super dooper cuddly. I think I may enter him into the Melbourne Show's Cuddly Toy competition, mainly because he will go to a child in the Children's Hospital who may just be in need of a cuddly croc.

Friendly Fellow
So once again, in the name of my Mini Challenge, I have spent half of my Sunday, sewing bits of wool together to try and get my toy to resemble the one in the pattern. At least I only have two more to go.
In other news, I am falling woefully behind in my much larger and looming Handmade Challenge. We are now halfway through the halfway month of the year and I am not halfway through my list. I am pulling my socks up, and will make something this week and post an update as well. Wow, big words.

This week I will also be working on Mini Challenge Item #5. A knitted Camper Van. Fingers firmly crossed that this will be a nice quick one!

Fill Her Up

What have you been making?

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