Sunday, 7 June 2015

Twit Twoo, Halfway Through! - Mini Challenge Week 3

'What am I doing?' I asked my husband last night. He doesn't know, I don't know. Why did I sign myself up for a crazy challenge entirely of my own making when there is so much I need to and want to be doing?

One very surprised looking owl!
I managed to make Wise Mr Owl (just) in time, for my Fluff and Fuzz Mini Challange. So many bits to sew up and sew on... By very bad light, I was madly trying to sew the black hat together last night, not entirely ideal. Looking at the original photos, I've ended up with quite a tall and slim looking owl!

In other news, Sophie is doing amazingly. She has finally shaken this virus and to look at her, you would not believe she had open heart surgery 2 weeks ago. This is a huge relief for us. We will see her cardiologist this week, find out where she is at, and start getting on with our lives.

I have also thrown myself into overdrive with making things, and I am about to do something I swore I would never do again, open an online store. It is a very difficult thing to put yourself out there and try and sell things that you make. They are a little piece of you, and if no one buys them, it can be heart breaking. Glutton for punishment?? I'll give it a go.

Instead of announcing tomorrow, (to save time) I will let you know now that this week, as well as everything else, I am going to attempt to make Miles the Crocodile.

Never smile at a crocodile, except this one

Have you ever attempted, or do you sell your own things? Have an tips or hints?

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