Sunday, 31 May 2015

Oui Oui Henri - Mini Challenge Week 2

What a week it has been. I am still in disbelief that; a) Sophie finally had her surgery and; b) she is home already! She spent less than 24hrs in ICU and is home 5 days after surgery. We really weren't expecting this at all, first time around she was 10 days in ICU and 6 weeks in hospital all up. Crazy.
Henri - Made at the Royal Children's
Hospital Melbourne

It didn't take me long to make Henri for my Mini Challenge this week. Great pattern, easy to follow (especially when you get interrupted). It was good to have something else to focus on when Sophie was sleeping.

Sophie in ICU post op
On top of having open heart surgery, poor little Sophie has a virus, and so is a bit miserable. She may need another surgery in the future, we don't know at this stage, but it won't be anything like what she has already gone through and not for a while if she does.

Once she has fully recovered, we can get on with our lives! A holiday would be amazing... for now though, it's little steps while she mends, and on with the next thing to make!

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