Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fine and Dandi

I love to bake, I really really do. These days I don't do an awful lot of it I must confess. Which is sad. I'm not exactly sure why. Baking for my family and friends is one of my favourite things. I get the feeling I am still waiting for life to 'return to normal'. When we aren't waiting for Sophie to have her surgery anymore, we can get on with it.

Inspired to Iron?!
**photo from Dandi
Even though my baking has been non-existent of late, I was recently the very lucky winner of a gorgeous prize pack of goodies from Dandi. Dandi is a Sydney based design studio who design and create the most beautiful textile patterns, and turn those into equally adorable (and ridiculously useful) homewares.

In my winnings I received an ironing board cover, an apron and a heart shaped potholder. Immediately upon taking the apron and potholder out of the bag I was inspired to get into the kitchen and bake something. (The same can't be said for when I pulled ironing board cover out! Although ironing is much more appealing now)
Shake it & bake it!

There is no doubt that hot scones with jam and fresh whipped cream is my one weakness (of many). So in the interests of getting baking,
I am going to share my favourite, and extremely easy, scone recipe;

2 Cups S/R Flour
1/2 Cup Thickened Cream
3/4 Cup Milk (take the chill off in microwave) ** Tip, if you'd like hot date scones, cut up a few dried dates and throw them in with the milk.

Pre-heat oven to 210 Degrees Celsius

Mix all ingredients together gently with a butter knife until combined. Place dough on a floured bench and gently press flat to about 3cm thick. Cut out, and bake on a floured tray for approximately 10mins, or until slightly golden on the edges.
Fresh out of the oven

Pop them out on a cake cooler and cover with a tea towel to keep them warm, add your favourite condiment and enjoy with a lovely hot cuppa.


What baked goods do you like to make? Or eat for that matter?

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