Sunday, 24 May 2015

We have Lift Off! - Mini Challenge Week 1

I did it! I can't quite believe it, in one week, here is my rocket and astronaut by Amanda Berry at Fluff and Fuzz, my 1st toy in my 6 week Mini Challenge.
Blast Off!!

I would highly recommend this pattern, I wouldn't recommend trying to do it in a week, especially when you can only knit at night!

It's a good size, a small pillow for a child's bed. The finished rocket is about 40cm tall (including the fins) and the astronaut about 15cm tall. I did consider trying to do the pattern in the round, however I decided to knit as it was written, which I did regret when it came to sewing it up! It took a while, however I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I tied french knots instead of
buttons for buttons on the space suit

I love the pocket

I've not decided which pattern I will attempt next. However reading over all the patterns, it would appear I didn't chose the most difficult one first...

Stay tuned tomorrow when I'll let you know which pattern is next in my Mini Challenge.


  1. Hi Karen! I saw this post linked to the pattern in Ravelry :)) You did very well! I am thinking of attempting this pattern next year:)))

    1. Hi Mihaela! It's a great pattern and so cute when it's done. My kids still love playing with it and it makes me smile! Look forward to seeing it when you make it!