Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fluff and Fuzz Mini Challenge!!

Ok, I am really starting to lose my focus. Little Sophie was once again turned away from surgery last week. We were at the hospital before the sun came up, all the other kids had gone in for their surgeries from pre-op, and there we were, waiting, and waiting. No bed in ICU again, so we went out for breakfast...

My Handmade Challenge list is being ignored, well not completely, I am occasionally picking up Sophie's cardigan to work on. I am blaming the fact that the spare room, where my sewing machine and all other crafty goods belong, is currently in a state of much disarray. I don't even have a table at which to set up my sewing machine (it is living on the floor since I sold our bookcases).

So I have come up with a solution, MINI CHALLENGE! Now I hear you say; "that doesn't sound like a solution" and to be perfectly honest, it's not. It's just another distraction, but also a chance to finally make myself some Fluff and Fuzz by Amanda Berry that I have been drooling over.

6 Awesome Toys in 6 Weeks!

I have just purchased 6 Fluff and Fuzz patterns (it was extremely difficult to limit myself to just 6). The challenge is for me to make one a week for the next 6 weeks starting this Monday (18th May)... eeeep! I will reveal if I have succeeded (or failed) each Sunday.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a feature on Amanda and her Handmade Adventure in the coming days.

Right, now to decide which awesome pattern should kick off this challenge!


  1. Bring on your crazy extra-work challenge! I've been very slack on the dad-craft front the past months, so looking to be re-inspired by your dedication to the craft cause.

    1. Yes Dave, what happened to that craft that was promised? I was waiting for a Cogsworth!