Saturday, 31 January 2015

Like looking for a needle in a haystack

A drawer full O' needles
Why is it, whenever I go to start a new project, I never seem to have the all the tools I require? I have a drawer full of knitting needles, and last night, when I wanted to get going on a bit of knitting, (which of course isn't on my list) I didn't have the needles I needed.

I have 4mm, 4mm double pointed, 4mm x 40cm circular, 4.5mm x 100cm circular, but not 4mm x 100cm circular, why oh Why?! Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?! Looking at that drawer, I should've put something to organise my needles on the challenge list.

So due to my need for 4mm x 100cm circular needles, Sophie and I made a trip to our favourite crafty place Craftee Cottage this morning. Before we left, I checked out what I needed for something actually on My Handmade Challenge list. #9 a crochet fruit buddy.

Item #9 Crochet Fruit
As I'm only new to crochet, I don't have a lot of hooks. There are 3 hooks required for this pattern, I own 6... Not one of the hooks I own is the right size. Seriously?!

The lovely ladies at Craftee Cottage sorted me out though, and I'm technically ready to go. It'll be February tomorrow, I really do need to get making. If I could just get the children to play nicely with each other, perhaps I could get started... Or from the sounds of things, perhaps I should just wait until they're in bed...

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