Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Yes I can knit a toy stethoscope!

In answer to the question I asked in my last post, it turns out I can, and did knit a stethoscope. Well technically I crocheted the end piece by using my basic crochet skills learned from making my first item in the handmade challenge, the crochet cake.

The finished product complete with 'Doctor Bag'

The rest was simply knitted icord around chenille sticks. I taped the joins and the ends so no pointy bits of metal can stick out from the wool.

WIP late at night, knitting icord around chenille sticks

I then found a cardboard box, knitted an icord handle, attached it, put a cross on the front of it and a few brand new syringes inside (from one of Sophie's many hospital stays). There you have it. Hopefully it's just what Felix was after and we can all look forward to some good old fashioned doctoring from now on.

I should probably throw a few bandages in for good measure

So that's one distraction taken care of, although I feel like I could add more. What would you put in a toy doctor kit?


  1. A brilliant result !
    Glasses frames? ...so he can look like a very intelligent doctor.
    Bandages a good idea.... though not tooo long, we don't want replicas of the Egyptian mummies

  2. did you use a pattern? and if so, which one did you use? I would love to make one too! It looks great!

    1. Thanks Jessi, No I didn't really use a pattern. I just sort of winged it as I described above. I know there are some patterns out there from crochet ones, Ravelry or Pinterest would be a good place to start. Have fun, would love to see your finished product!