Thursday, 15 January 2015

Crafty Little Distractions

Oh dear, it's happening already. I'm getting distracted off the main path. Yes I have one item down, but I shouldn't really be resting on my laurels. Although a rest does sound nice.

A hint for the little love swap
Instead of whipping out the patterns that are sitting in the drawer, or finding the fabric I need for one of the 11 projects left on my Handmade Challenge list. I am working on a little something for Melanie at The Patchwork Robin for my first ever swap! The send a little love swap organised by Mad About Bags.

The photograph shows a little preview, I don't want to give too much away!

My other crafty conundrum is that Felix's 4th birthday is coming up, and I would really like to make him something. I'm thinking he might like a little toy stethoscope as he is currently running around with a necklace trying to 'listen' to people's hearts.

The conundrum being, how on earth do I make one? I've found a pattern for a cute little crocheted one, which I am still not terribly good at, as well as a pattern for a sewn felt one, which likewise my skills are fairly poor. Could I possibly knit a toy stethoscope?! Hmmm...

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