Monday, 2 February 2015

What a pear! A crochet pear that is

I cannot believe it, I am honestly in disbelief that on the 2nd of February, I am two down on my Handmade Challenge, and both of those items are crochet!! I have been so scared of crochet for so long and now, well now, give me a pattern and I'll give it a go!

To compare a pair of pears, mine on the left

So here is number 9 from My Handmade Challenge List. A crochet fruit buddy, or as I prefer (with thanks to Miranda Hart) my Fruit Friend. Pattern courtesy of Mollie Makes issue 44.

This hook is too big, this hook is just right

I started following the pattern in terms of hook size, however it soon became apparent that it was going to be a very holy pear. So I started again with a smaller hook which worked much better, although the finished pear is a little shorter than the size according to the pattern, a petite pear.
The golden thread
The gold thread was extremely difficult to work with, I couldn't quite see what I was doing, and I got very confused with all the htr's and tr's and dtr's. I am so glad there was only one leaf and am considering not using it again when I make another. Now what do I do with a whole ball of golden thread?

I tried out a few different options for the mouth, before going with the simple little smile. I then attempted to crochet the cheeks with the gold thread again. It's actually quite funny to think of pears as having cheeks, but rather than continue to struggle, I decided less is more and rubbed on a little white chalk instead.

One happy pear

I think she's pretty darn cute and I am itching to get going on an apple next, every fruit friend needs a friend of their own.

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