Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Dino-Four Birthday Party

My (big) little man turns 4 today! 4 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. We had a little party for him on the weekend and dinosaurs were requested. Keeping things as simple as possible, this is what we (I) came up with;

Handmade Dino gift wrap and card

Dino-tastic balloons

The very very cute dino card comes from My Little Perfect. The wrapping paper was me taking to the paint, paper and foam stampers while the kids weren't in the house! Fun! The balloons are just your ordinary everyday balloons with some spikes and 'plates' stuck on with sticky tape. Felix helped with the cutting out of the shapes.

Dinosaur Dig Birthday Cake

The cake was so easy! Inspiration taken from a Donna Hay magazine, I baked a yummy flourless chocolate cake, then piped white chocolate onto greaseproof paper sat atop a dinosaur fossil outline I had printed. I then just cut off the top layer of the cake, piled it to the side and whacked the chocolate 'fossil' in the middle. Voila, an archeological dig.

Fossil cupcakes, no awards for artistic merit here!

My mum very kindly made the cupcakes for him to take to Kinder, and again I just piped out white chocolate based on pictures of cupcakes that someone else had made! I so love Pinterest and the sharing of ideas and the making of parent's lives easier!

Party hats with paper spikes, yay Pinterest

No rest though, as we now have another event to organise. We have been told that we're going to have to wait at least 4 more weeks for results from Sophie's blood tests, so she won't be having surgery in this time. We have thus given up waiting to have a big belated 1st birthday, and settled on a much smaller affair. This date we have set for just over two weeks from now (not entirely on purpose) 

So now I am needing to complete items number 2 (heart shaped pinata) and 10 (heart shaped cookies) on My Handmade Challenge List in a hurry!

The main issue I currently have, is where am I going to find very pretty post-it notes for the pinata?! (I guess paper would do too!) Oh and what am I going to put in it, and what cake am I going to make?! Any suggestions are most most welcome!