Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Knit One, Purl One, Breathe

There is no denying it and no getting around it, I am stressed o. u. t . We still don't have a date for Sophie's heart surgery and we are now waiting on blood test results. We are always waiting on something. Breathe.

I keep putting it all in perspective, at this moment, she is fine. Yes the little band around her pulmonary artery is getting tighter, but the doctors say that this is fine, and I have to believe them. She's at home, not in hospital like so many little bubbas and children and their families. Breathe.

Sophie's cardigan WIP and a good yarn

I am so stressed out, I even suggested to my husband that perhaps I need more projects to do. I have only done 2 on my Handmade Challenge List, there are still 10 to do and did I mention I am hopeless with a sewing machine?! Breathe.

To try and focus, I have launched myself into project number 8 on the list, a little cardigan for Sophie. As a result, instead of cleaning the house or cooking food for the children, all I want to do is knit, or read about knitting. Perhaps I can knit a cocoon, one big enough for the whole family and we can all crawl in there until it's all over. Breathe.

One thing that I am excited about is the new addition to our family. This lovely chair has become my new favourite place in the house. Despite the view of the unkempt kitchen, I can also see outside (into the unkempt yard) and watch my unkempt children play. Breathe.

My new favourite sitting place

I have used it for sitting, knitting, reading and feeding. 'Feeding?' I hear you say, 'don't you mean eating?' No, as creepy as it sounds, I'm still breastfeeding my 13 month old. She would never take a bottle, and I figured it would be unfair to stop before she had surgery again. That was when I thought her surgery was going to be 6 months ago. I am painfully aware that this could soon escalate into a Game of Thrones situation. As long as they don't keep my little girl waiting much longer. Breathe.

arolyn in Canada, when you've sent supportive words to my mum so many times, they have reached me too, thank you. Breathe.

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  1. Ha, what a vision! I love the sound of your knitted cocoon. We'll take one for four please!