Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Handmade Gift Needs a Handmade Card

I love to be able to give a gift I've made myself, and even accompany that with a card I've made myself. However, in this day and age, time isn't exactly available in copious amounts! So when I am unable to make something myself, I love to support someone else doing the handmade thing.

If you've gotten a gift from me, chances are it's been accompanied by a card made by the lovely Katrina at Mum & Me Handmade Designs based in Brisbane Australia.

I asked Katrina a few questions about her own Handmade Adventure;

How long ago did you start Mum and Me Handmade Designs? 
I started my business with my mum 9 years ago.  We started attending markets in Brisbane.  Some markets I even have my grandmother help and so it’s a real family affair.  I have 3 daughters ages 4, 7 and 9 and they inspire me to do what I do.

Love Handmade!
What led you to start creating cards? 
I’ve always loved cards and after having my first daughter and receiving lots of beautiful keepsake cards I decided to give it a go.  I started making cards with stamps, cardstock, papers, embellishments and each card would take me over an hour to make each one.  I did this for years before realising I love prints and fonts and so finally decided to give this style a go and it was the best decision for me.  I love love love making these cards. 

Mum & Me Handmade Designs
What is your design process?
Some of my cards are original designs and lots of others are artwork I have purchased. I love to sketch and play around with designs and layouts and to work out how I want my cards to look and what I can do to make my cards modern and stylish.

Where do you work from? 
My business started out in the dining room and I just started taking over the whole house.  I now have a separate area and work benches where most of my stock and supplies are kept.  My craft space is a little dark so I tend to still work at my dining room table!  Each Monday I start the week fresh and I make sure I reorder and stock my workspace and create a list of everything that I need to make.  I also sew so I have fabric everywhere!!!

What do you love most about what you do?
It feels right!!!  I love what I do and it brings me a lot of joy.  It has been a lot of hard work and I have made some mistakes along the way but after 9 years I am very happy where my business is at and I’m looking forward to the next few years. I love hearing from my customers and their beautiful feedback puts a smile on my face each time.

Mum and Me Handmade Designs have the perfect card for every occasion!

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