Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Amazing Gingerbread

While looking through some old photos the other day, I found this particular picture of my gingerbread family! A handmade Christmas present, about 10 years ago now. 

My Gingerbread Family C. 2004

I intend for this blog to not only share my own handmade creations, but also the handmade creations of others. A few weeks ago I was at The Handmade Show in Melbourne, and came across some absolutely stunning 'gingerbread'.

Traditional Hungarian Honey Bread

These little beauties are handmade by Edit at Art On Honey. They not only look amazing, they are also delicious (yes I did actually eat one!) I asked Edit for a little more background; She explained that this type of gingerbread is a Hungarian tradition actually called honey bread. Usually these they are considered more of a keepsake than something to scoff down with a cup of tea!

Amazing Handmade Edibles
The icing is lemon and the honey bread is based on a traditional Hungarian recipe. Hungarian honey bread was one of the first biscuits made in Middle Europe, honey was used as a natural sweetener and preservative. First the bakers would carve the decoration they wanted for the biscuit into wood, then stamp it into the dough. Later, when sugar could be found, they were iced.


The biscuits became a symbol of love and the best way of courting. Traditionally people keep this dough forever like you would a card. They can even still be eaten after years because of the honey. (However Edit is bound by health and safety laws to provide a best before by date!)

You can still find honey bread in Hungarian town markets. Many of the decorations in Hungary are simpler, sometimes they come with mirror in the middle of the dough. Edit’s works are different, combining the honey bread with traditional Hungarian embroidery designs, called Kalocsai.

Stunning Personalised Wedding Bonbonniere

Edit can make you some delightful treats to order for your special occasion too, she has made them for wedding bonbonniere gifts, personalising them with the bride and grooms name and date (I would have loved to have these at our wedding) she will even ship overseas. See the Art On Honey Facebook Page for more information.

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