Monday, 14 July 2014

Charity Crafting

I am a big fan of Charity Crafting! There are so many worthy charities out there, and, when I get the time, I always get a warm fuzzy feeling making something special, for someone I have never, and will never meet.

Recently, while my daughter Sophie was in hospital, she was the unexpected recipient of Charity Crafting. After Sophie had her TGA (transposition of the greater arteries) switch done at 4 weeks, she had complication upon complication. What was supposed to be a 2 week stay post op, turned into a 6 week long haul, which was physically and emotionally draining on all of us.

One day, going about the usual hospital business, our daughter was delivered the most beautiful handmade quilt. It still brings a tear to my eye thinking about it. It was so unexpected, and exactly what we needed to lift our spirits.

Charity Quilt from The Victorian Quilter's Inc

The quilt was a gift from the Victorian Quilter's Inc through their Very Snuggly Quilts program. A record of each quilt is kept by Victorian Quilts Inc. to allow the recipient to acknowledge the quilt-maker if they wish. Which is just what we did. It really did have such an impact on us.

The fact that someone had put so much love an care into something for someone they didn't even know. We will treasure this quilt forever. When Sophie is old enough, we will tell her the story behind the quilt, and perhaps she can even give it to her daughter one day.

Sophie under her Very Snuggly Quilt

If quilting isn't your thing, there are loads of charities for different crafts. Some of my favourites include; KOGO, Knit One Give One, who distribute hand knitted items to numerous charities all over Victoria.

Another is Pillowcases for Oncology Kids, this charity was set up by 15yr old cancer patient Brittany, these guys donate handmade pillowcases to oncology kids in hospitals around Australia. This one is quite personal, as childhood cancer has also unfortunately touched our lives.

So if you have a huge stash of yarn, fabric, or what not, and no project on the go, google for charity crafting in your area, you could really make a difference and help lift someone's spirits.

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