Saturday, 27 December 2014

2015 Handmade Challenge

I'm hoping you had a lovely Christmas. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here over the festive season, and I felt it was a good time to launch My Handmade Adventure's 2015 Handmade Challenge.

The rules are simple, I challenge you to;

1. Make a list 12 things that you have really been itching to make. That allows one month for each item, it doesn't even matter if it takes you an hour to make something on the list. 12 items, that's all.

2. Make all 12 of them before December 31st 2015!

See, simple.

Challenge accepted? Comment below with your list of 12 things, or post a link to your list, mine's on Pinterest too, a very easy way to make a list. I'd love to have you play along. You don't need to do them in order, and they don't need to be tricky or time consuming, just handmade.

I know there will be plenty of other things I will make and will want to make, however these are the things I must make in order to triumphantly complete The 2015 Handmade Challenge;

1. Jo Sharp Bolero; for me! I've had the pattern sitting and waiting for 12 months or more. As it's something for me, it keeps going on the back burner. 2015 is the year it will come into being.

2. Heart Shaped Pinata; For the little lady's first birthday. We're going to throw a ripper of a shindig after she's over her last cardiac surgery, so smashing a giant heart seems appropriate!

3. Play Tea Bags; These are on a French website, however they look easy enough to figure out. I'm sure I can manage some for the kiddies kitchen.

4. Easter Bunny Egg Cosy; These were on my to do list last Easter, lets see if they magically appear for Easter 2015.

5. Kids Reversible Fabric Apron Kit; A Christmas gift from my mum. It's a size 2-3 and Sophie won't be 2 until December 2015... A good excuse to get out my sewing machine.

6. Card Table Tent. I have the card tables, I have the pattern and the sewing machine. All I need is to pick a theme and get to work...Probably should get some fabric too.

7. Crochet Cake Kit by Suzanne Houghton Designs. This was a Christmas gift from my husband (after a hint!) an incentive to get me crocheting.

8. Baby Cardi pattern from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I've had the wool and pattern sitting there for probably six months now. It's time to get knitting on this one.

9. Crochet fruit buddies, adorable! From Mollie Makes issue 44. Pattern is sitting in the drawer, I have more crochet hooks than I can point a knitting needle at,  and I will, I will crochet...

10. Heart cookies. I really want to have a good crack at some fancy royal icing on cookies for the heart themed Birthday. 

11. Fabric dollhouse tutorial by UK lass in US. There are so many different things you could do with this one. I am a bit scared about tackling it, but am determined to give it a go.

12. Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial by katbaro. We didn't use our Christmas tree skirt in 2014, it's pretty naff. Fluorescent red with a few ironed on snowflakes. It's time we classed up Christmas. 

So watch this space and watch out 2015! You can join in at any time, all you have to do is make your list and get making. Good luck.


  1. Brilliant challenge Karen! And cool things you're planning to make. I'm on a crazy dad-craft-a-week mission for the first half of this year, but am going to have to look into doing a nerd version of that Card table Cubby you're working on.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Dave. I look forward to seeing your crafting, and good luck with your project. I've loved your nerd crafts so far and am very excited about the idea of a nerd table tent!

  2. Hi Karen. Great idea and I'm totally in! I loved going through my Pinterest board and sorting through the craft projects I was actually going to do this year! Here are my top picks:

  3. Hi Karen, I would love to join in with this. I'm not on Pintrest but will link in my list another way. Will share this on my blog too. Such a great idea. I finished Sew School online last year but have done hardly any sewing. This will be a great motivator for me. Thank you. xo

    1. Thanks for playing along. You can make your list on a scrap of paper! It doesn't matter in the slightest, as long as you are inspired to make something.

  4. I think I have started on Pinterest..
    Pen and paper does sound appealing though!
    Congrats on your achievements so

  5. This is a great idea ... although a little late for me to begin the challenge, unless I can join in as a mini challenge?

    1. Thanks Elena! I was going to do a half year 'intake' but I blinked and it was August! Would love to have you join in. I'd suggest just picking 3 or 4 manageable things to make. I've fallen so far behind! Good luck and would love to see your creations :)

    2. Hi Karen, Oooh, I'll take the plunge and work out what I'll do - it'll be mainly 'recreated' things - and I'll come back to add the link. My new blog is called Creative Treasury (which is still a work in progress) but to comment here I have to sign in using Google. Chat soon. :)

  6. Hi Karen, I've blogged about the challenge :)
    Here is the link to my post -
    Can't wait to get started. :)

    1. Thanks for joining in Elena. Looking forward to see what you create. Hopefully you'll inspire me to get my making into gear!

  7. Hi Karen, I've just posted about the first project on my Handmade Challenge list. I'm not sure if you have a place to share these posts for those participating so I'll add the link here for now -