Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Dandelion in your bonnet

At Easter time this year, I came across a lovely dress and bonnet set made by Tam from Dandelion and Boo. Even though Sophie was only a couple of months old, and the outfit was size 2, I decided she needed it, and so I bought it and put it away for a few years time.

I recently asked Tam about her handmade adventure, and here it is;

I definitely wasn't a sewer to begin with! In fact in Grade 7 or 8 I got a 'D' for Home Economics! My Mum doesn't sew and my Grandmother taught me to knit but wasn't a sewer. I only learned to sew a couple of years ago when I was looking for a creative outlet.

Sweet Reversible Bonnets

I started making a few bonnets for my middle daughter when she was one and a few friends wanted to buy some so Dandelion and Boo was started. That was two years ago.

Dandelion and Boo is currently a hobby business, I would love for it to be my day job, however with two kids at home, they are my day job. One day I hope to commit full time to Dandelion and Boo.

Most of my work is my original designs. I do use a few vintage patterns that I picked up in op shops, and was recently asked to pattern test for Bobkin, so I might add a few of her patterns to my range.

I would adore a sewing room, but at the moment my work space is the dining room table as the bedrooms are taken up with my three girls! I'm planning on eventually making a little space for myself in the rumpus room.

As well as being a creative outlet, I sew for the love of making people happy, and making beautiful things. I love seeing my customers come back with photos to show me of their little ones in my creations. And it is a wonderful thing to make something beautiful out of nothing.

I'm inspired by fabrics. They often 'talk' to me about what they should be made into. I'm also inspired by the past. I love what people use to wear, and elements of that come through in my designs.

So Adorable!
I've been very lucky with how Dandelion and Boo has grown this year. I'm getting more followers and customers, as well as a lot of respect from my fellow handmaidens. I would love for that to continue and I am starting a boy's line shortly, it would be nice to get some boy customers on board.

Make sure you head to Tam's Facebook page and online store, to check out more of her beautiful dresses and bonnets.

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