Thursday, 18 December 2014

What a Cracker

If you are my family, please look away now. I was hoping to try and keep these crackers as a cracking good Christmas Day surprise. They have become a mini Christmas gift in a way, specific to each person, instead of just a cracker with a lame joke and a plastic comb.

So here it be! A cracker of a cracker filled with (mostly) handmade goodness!

The Cracker itself comes from Pip & The Sea, they come sans banger, however I always like to have a little bang in my Christmas, so I got some to put in. You can squeeze a surprising amount of stuff in these.

The oh so cute mini stamps are from Cupcaketree on Etsy, I tried to get ones that suited the people they are for.

The Mitten (I have made quite a few!) comes from this free pattern. They are a little tricky to begin with, however I can just about do them in my sleep now. Don't be scared if you're unsure about double pointed needles. This great video really helped me.

I chose jokes that I tried to make specific to each family member. Some are a little generic, these late nights and unruly children are somewhat stifling my creativity!

I would've liked to have made my own paper hats, and chocolates, however sometimes you have to make compromises.

Hoping you have a Cracking Good Christmas!

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