Monday, 9 March 2015

A Handmade Resolution - Thanks Handmade Cards

As you may or may not remember, at the beginning of the year I made a Handmade Resolution to include a handmade item in every gift I gave. I am currently keeping this resolution, and that is mainly thanks to handmade cards!
Felix's Dinosaur Birthday Card

A little while ago, I went to the Creators Market in Malvern and came across some gorgeous cards by Maggie at MyLittlePerfect. The dinosaur card I gave Felix for his 4th birthday was by Maggie.

Maggie does all the lino printing for each and every card, tag and print! Here is her Handmade Adventure;

MyLittlePerfect was born shortly after I had my little boy, Will. I was on Maternity Leave from my position as an Art teacher. Over my teaching career I taught students from Prep through to Year 11, which I loved. The junior students were so imaginative and excited by the freedom that the art room offered and allowed. The senior students were more refined in the approach to their artwork and establishing their own individual styles. Having studied Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Printmaking, I had the opportunity to start practicing my own art again when I was on leave, in-between naps and feeds!

So Adorable!

I started to combine my two artistic loves, painting and printmaking and turning them into gift tags and greeting cards and eventually some larger prints and paintings. I like to think that the images and designs I create are familiar in their subject matter and appropriate for people of all ages. I love it when I'm at a market and people stand in front of my stall and just smile. It makes me feel so happy that people can enjoy the childlike imagery that I use and that the warmth of the subject matter and the crafting of them translates across to people with such ease and familiarity.

Mmm Pineapple
I kind of think my work is somewhat like the modern version of Pop Art, a cultivation and expression of our popular culture. I also love that people buy my cards to identify with its recipient. People will say things like, 'omg my girlfriend is pineapple mad, I'll get her that one' or 'my little girl loves ballet, so I'll get her the ballet slippers.' It's like the imagery is part of that person's identity and I love that my work provides a connection between people, its' not just another birthday card, it's more than that. 

Much of my inspiration is from our contemporary culture as well as subjects that I like, and generally animals that Will likes. My drawings are all my own and I would describe them as childlike, bold, 2-dimensional and bright. I feel that its a bit ironic, that the images seem so flat yet the fact that they are completely handmade, individually printed and then painted, each one its very own original, gives it its three-dimensionality.

Eye catching cards for every occasion

I studied Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Sculpture and Photography.  I then went on to complete by Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History and Archaeology. Upon completion of my BA I was asked to complete Honours in Art History and in Archaeology, but I could only choose one, so I chose Art History. With my Honours completed, I decided to do an extra 12 months and complete my DipEd in Secondary Teaching, which I did and then went on to teach.

Champion Girl & Boy
My favourite prints are Lorenzo the Lion and Champion Boy (which is what my husband and I call Will). Moving forward, I hope that MyLittlePerfect continues to grow and I will be sourcing boutiques to start stocking my works. I hope to include a variety of items including fabrics and some larger scale pieces. I'm intending to open my studio as a retail and gallery space, called the MyLittlePerfect Studio Shop, which should be ready to launch with the new website around Easter time this year.

You can get in touch with Maggie and check out the MyLittlePerfect range on Facebook and via the Website.

Lorenzo the Lion

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