Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Handmade Birthday

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 30-somethingth birthday. I'm not being vague about my age for reasons of vanity or mystery. My bad memory is merely a result of three children and the current focus on Sophie, hospitals and surgery.

Sophie our little trooper
Yesterday was a horrible day, we were told that there was a very high chance that they could perform the operation. We waited the entire day, and Sophie fasted for eight hours, before we were told that there wasn't a bed for her in ICU and we could take her home. We now have to wait again for another surgery date, which shouldn't be too far off.

Stupidly we felt like we'd won the lottery, took her and ran. Possibly because the first open heart surgery she had, was followed by a multitude of complications and we really aren't looking forward to seeing her go through it all again. See my husband's post about her first operation.

Earrings from Pip and the Sea
I digress, in order to celebrate my birthday, I had planned to go on a handmade shopping spree! It turns out, the majority of handmade things I pin on Pinterest or favourite on Etsy or Madeit are for the kids.

I did manage to make one handmade purchase, some extremely cute eco-resin earrings from Pip and the Sea.

My Birthday Books!
My family came to the rescue, and I was given a swag of crafty books which is sure to keep my 'to do list' in good stead. My husband also surprised me by taking me and the kids out for High Tea at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in Melbourne. He even had to book 7 months in advance! It was fantastic, I recommend you book now!

So that was my birthday. I think I'll start making a list of handmade goodies for myself for next year. 

What handmade goodies do you love to treat yourself to?

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  1. Hoping that the next surgery date isn't far off. Have you thought of just having an Etsy-spree as a belated self-birthday present?