Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Woodland Party

My daughter's christening ended up being a huge success. A very handmade affair and a very collaborative effort. Even the gown my little girl wore was the gown I was originally christened in that was made by my grandmother using lace from my mother's wedding dress (which my mother had made) I haven't included photos I'm afraid, as I don't want to upset anyone (my family doesn't like being photographed!)

A Woodland Cake

The cake I made was one of my favourites (apricot & choc chip). The decoration, buttercream of course, I really need to do a fondant course or we're all going to end up with arteries full of buttercream. The animals on top are not handmade! The heart trees however are. I fell in love with these bamboo cake toppers made by Cabin + Cub in Canada.

Meringue Mushrooms

These mushrooms were a hit! Everyone kept mentioning Heston, although I don't think we were quite at that standard. They are made from piped meringue (I used my family pavlova recipe). I rubbed cocoa powder on the top and attached the tops to the bottoms using melted chocolate. Very very morish and there were plenty of people who were fooled into thinking they were real mushrooms. Even the kids.

Very Special Bombonnaire

My super talented Sister In Law, made the bombonnaire, based on the invitation image (which was designed by The Parchment Place). The cookies of course are made by Edit at Art on Honey, who I did the little feature on a few months back.

Woodland Centrepiece

A friend made the little terrariums as she is starting her own bridal flower business and was looking for opportunities to 'branch out' he he.

Woodland Balloons

A few spotted balloons in the front yard, the weather was spectacular and it was a very special day.

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