Monday, 6 October 2014

A Very Handmade Christmas

Yes it's only just October, however if you wanted a handmade Christmas, you should have well and truly started by now!


My Pinterest Boards are filled to the brim with exciting handmade ideas. Sadly that is not going to happen this year with my three little munchkins and the littlest with her heart condition.

One thing I will manage to do, is print off a few of these awesome gift tags by Helen Dardik. She releases a new set at the beginning of December every year. Adorable and unique and free! (apart from the paper and ink from your printer)

If, like me, you have absolutely no time, then there is always the option to buy handmade, which I of course advocate. madeit, the Australian equivalent of etsy, have started their Christmas campaign, you can sign up to receive a newsletter filled with lots of gifty ideas.

Next year, I hope to set myself a handmade challenge that others can take up too if they wish. I haven't thought out all the rules just yet, however it's all about handmade that's for sure!

As long as our little lady gets through her last surgery without any setbacks in December, I shall launch the handmade gift challenge in January 2015.

Until then, you'd better get your skates on if you're thinking about a handmade Christmas!

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