Friday, 12 September 2014

That Takes The Cake

Cakes! I love making cakes, especially for my kids. At the moment I'm gearing up for my daughter's christening this weekend which has a 'woodland' theme. I have all my bits and pieces collected and the cake is cooked and in the freezer... how it will turn out, we shall see.

The first kids cake I can remember making was for my little sister, I would've been probably about 12 at the time. It was the ice cream cone castle out of the women's weekly cookbook (I now own my very own copy of this book, love it!)

Women's Weekly Castle Cake

The next kids cake I can remember making was about three years ago for my eldest son's christening. Not the best job ever, however I have since taken a class and honed my skills somewhat.

Felix's Christening Cake

Rose - My Threadcakes 2011 Entry
This cake I made as an entry to the Threadcakes competition, and as a birthday cake for a friend. For Threadcakes, you take an image from a Threadless tee and make it into a cake! I actually 'traced' over the image with melted chocolate and the roses are coloured white chocolate. I was so impressed by the end result, however the competition is fierce with lots of very skilled fondant wielders so this has been my first and only attempt

Felix's first birthday cake wasn't the masterpiece I had envisioned as by this stage, I was suffering morning sickness with our second. Felix loved dogs, and this is what he ended up with... not that he cared what it looked like!

Felix's First Birthday Cake

By Felix's Second Birthday he loved Trains

Toot Two Train Cake

For his 3rd he asked for a 'Red Car Cake' that's what he got, inside and out. He had never seen the movie Cars by the way, he's just been subjected to advertising. I bought the matchbox cars to stick on top and hastily whacked it together (at this stage Sophie was in hospital and had been for a month).

The Red Car Cake

Poor Felix has ended up with a few slapdash cakes. Arthur hasn't done too badly so far. I was pretty pleased with his christening cake.

Arthur's Christening Cake

His first Birthday cake was a simple hot air balloon. ** Edit 2016; see new post for a 'how to' on this yummy cake!** I was pretty pleased with how that turned out too.

Arthur's 1st Birthday Balloon
See more on this cake here
Arthur's 2nd birthday is next month and I already have the cake mind. He is teddy bear mad!

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