Friday, 18 December 2015

To the Bat-Tent! Well... almost

Yay! The card table tent, and my arch nemesis in the 2015 Handmade Challenge is complete.

I honestly had every intention of adorning this 'tent' with comic book style cutouts and bat symbols to turn it into an awesome Bat Cave. However, I put it out this morning, a particularly warm day when we were all stuck inside, to distract the children and try and sort out what on earth I would add, and where. Without warning, the children were off!

Didn't even get to iron it! Who irons a pirate ship?!

First it was a lift, taking them to all sorts of places (reminiscent of Wonka's Great Glass Elevator). Then it was a pirate ship, a house then a train.

Toot Toot!

To make the 'cave' I started with a black double bed sheet (which my mum had found!) Then on the phone to the 'mum hotline'  I put the tent over the top of the table and pinned down each corner origami style. I then sewed a straight (ish) line, cut off the excess and hemmed and trimmed as needed.

Cave 'doors' aren't straight
I marked out the door using chalk and my husbands level, sewed along the lines, cut the shape out roughly and used black bias binding to stop the edges fraying. I figured as it was a cave it didn't need an opening that could be closed, nor did it require windows!

In the interests of open ended play, and sheer determination to complete my Handmade Challenge on time, I'm more than happy to allow the children to let their imaginations run wild and let the table tent go the way of the tree skirt; filed under 'it will do'

All three of them fit in there by the way.

13 days remaining, 2 items to go

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