Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Handmade Challenge - December Update

Yes I'm still panicking, however I have stopped running about screaming and decided to focus my panicked energies on getting things done.

After crocheting approximately 5.5 metres around my Christmas Tree Skirt (original tutorial), my husband gently suggested that I had made the skirt, and the pretty little snowflake detail could be left for another year. Yes! Genius husband, tick.

Tree Skirt in time for Christmas (Just)

It's by no means perfect, I of course got the hang of the crocheting by the time I got to the end. It's a darn improvement on the previous skirt I had made. Turns out it was a mini skirt! (afraid I couldn't even rustle up a picture from previous years, as it was so small, it was always covered in presents!)

Definitely not perfect!

Then there were 3.

I have been madly knitting of an evening to get the bolero finished. Thus far I have the back and two sides. I'm not thrilled with this pattern. It's terribly hard to follow and if the bolero turns out not to be hideously lopsided, I will be thrilled.

I have a half 'furnished' the Three Bear's House (this will all become clear, when I've finished the darn thing). However the most exciting thing is, that I finally made a start on the card table tent on the weekend that has just past. The one item on my list that has been scaring the pants off me. It has no windows or a door yet...

22 days remaining, 3 items to go

I'd really love to see what you have been making this year. Shoot me an email or share on Facebook.

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