Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Road Less Travelled

This week our Handmade Adventure comes from Debby at 2Roads Designs in Sydney NSW. Debby makes unique custom jewelery pieces, inspired by travel, family and friends.

2Roads Designs Bracelets, made to order

I ordered a beautiful bracelet from Debby just last week for my sister's birthday, and am tempted to keep it for myself. Of course I won't....

I loved Debby's story, and I hope you do to!

Custom stamped initial heart necklace
I was working as a Financial Controller in early 2011. I wanted to try a new crafty hobby to exercise the creative side of my brain after three intense months of crunching numbers. After a failed attempt at knitting, I started stamping metal. It allowed me to be creative and relieve some stress productively. In addition, they made great personalised gifts which my family and friends loved.

It started out as a hobby business when my family and friends encouraged me to sell my creations. Then my husband’s job relocated us to Australia (from our home in Seattle, USA) during 2012 and I saw it as an opportunity to grow it into a day job.

I draw inspiration from what lead me to start designing in the first place: my family, friends and travel. Once I have an idea in mind, I go straight to creating. There are times where it doesn’t work out how I'd like or envisioned, but the process is fun nonetheless.

Family love floating locket
Since we live so far from loved ones, our spare bedroom gets little use and is my full-time studio space. I am also slowly creeping out to the dining room table as a mailing hub, but try really hard to keep my creative space from overtaking!

There are two things I love about what I do - Firstly the flexibility that running my own business brings, especially to travel this amazing country with my husband. Secondly, that selling jewellery and accessories sentimental in nature, allows me to see kindness, encouragement and humour in the orders and my customers every day. I love stamping r
eally funny or unique sayings on pieces, as I know that it’s one of a kind, and will mean a lot to the recipient. It’s very humbling, soul fulfilling and I appreciate that so much.

Now that Australia is looking to be our permanent home, I’d like to continue to grow my brand.  I’m in three handmade collective stores around the country and hope to continue to grow in that area.

My current challenge is fighting the fatigue in my hands from the physical toll that hammering, sanding, polishing can take. Although I look at this as opportunity to make other products.  The most recent is a line personalised luggage tags with my focus on destination weddings.

2Roads Designs Personalised Luggage Tags

If you would like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous pieces, or check out some more of Debby's creations, you can visit 2Roads Designs on madeit, etsy and keep up with the latest on Facebook.

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