Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Handmade Little Kids Christmas

I have been excited about writing these posts for a while. It's just been a matter of finding the time to put it all together.

Below I have made lists for handmade items you can make yourself, or purchase from a talented crafts person, for the little people on your Christmas list. I have personally selected these items as I have either purchased something from the maker myself, or made it myself so I know that it works.

I hope to get to everyone on the Christmas list, however it seems Christmas crafting and looking after my brood takes up quite a bit of time!

Baby Gift Ideas


1. Baby Block
- Make your own baby block with this tutorial

2. Santa Sack - You can buy one of these gorgeous ones that my own mum has made, or make one of your own by searching tutorials online
3. Taggie Toy - Ever notice how kids just play with the tags on toys? Pleats and Treats make the cutest taggies 
4. Mobile - It doesn't take long to put together a few bits and pieces to make a really effective mobile. I made this one for my little girl

Toddler Gift Ideas

1. Sun Hat - My son loves his handmade Pleats and Treats sun hat
2. Plush Tool Set - I made these for my boys last year (not pictured) using a pattern and tutorial I bought from Little Sew & Sews. The boys still love them and Bel has other super cute patterns to choose from too
3. Crocodile Scarf - Download the pattern instantly from Morehouse Farm and get knitting!
4. Fox Neck Warmer - This free pattern knits up really quickly

Next time, things for the big kids!

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