Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hats for Aleshia

What I think I love most about the handmade community, is the generosity and willingness to support each other, and a good cause.

A few months ago I bid in an auction for a lovely sock doll, made by the incredibly talented (and lovely) Mim from Sew in the Moment. I didn't win the item in question, however I still wanted to support the cause.

Aleshia the Snow Beauty by Sew in the Moment

The cause was #hatsforaleshia. Started by Mel Leggiero from Dainty and Divine. Mel started Hats for Aleshia on the 1st of January 2016, with the goal to raise $1000 for
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) research, she had to quickly readjust this goal after reaching it in just 2 weeks! The new goal is now to raise $5000.

Mel's niece Aleshia was diagnosed with TSC as a baby.

Aleshia (now 7) with Aleshia the Snow Beauty
The winner of the auction then gifted the doll to Aleshia

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, or TSC, is a rare genetic condition, sadly without a cure. TSC causes benign tumours to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs and skin. Symptoms include; seizures, developmental delays, behavioural problems, skin abnormalities and kidney disease to name a few.

Mel had been wanting to do something for a while to raise money for research, but didn’t know what. She didn't like simply asking for money, instead she preferred the idea of giving something back, in return for a contribution. 

Some of the hats for #hatsforaleshia

Last winter, Mel made some crochet hats for her daughters (4 and 5) and there was a lot of interest in them. Late last year she had the idea to make hats and charge for them, with 100% of the sales to go to TSC research. Since starting, Mel has been overwhelmed and inspired by the interest and the challenge that has arisen from this fundraiser.

Tags by The Little Card Boutique
She's garnered more support from the handmade community. The Little Card Boutique donated the sweetest bamboo tags for Mel to attach to the hats.

Aleshia is now in grade 2 of Primary School. She is a lovable little girl who loves the Collingwood football club and Captain America. She has a great outlook on life and has an enormous amount of courage and strength. She is Mel's little hero.

The tally for #hatsforaleshia currently stands at 51 hats made and $2100 raised, If you'd like to order a hat, or make a donation, you can contact Mel via Instagram or her website Dainty and Divine. You can also donate directly at the 'Give everything, But up' page (this is where all funds for #hatsforaleshia will be donated)

I have personally ordered some of Mel's hats, and I can tell you first hand, that they are absolutely gorgeous.


  1. Thank you for personally supporting the #hatsforaleshia challenge. I am overwhelmed by the support and grateful to be on this journey with this incredible handmade community. Mel xxx

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