Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 Handmade Challenge - all stitched, knitted, glued, baked and crocheted up

Honestly, really truly honestly, a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had failed. There was no way on earth I was going to pull it off, get through Christmas, and celebrate my little lady's 2nd Birthday. Yet here we are.

12 things, 12 months... just

Looking at the 12 things that I made as part of the challenge this year, I do feel a little deflated. How could I have only just managed to pull it off? Well you have to remember these weren't the only things I made in 2015.

Don't forget my Fluff and Fuzz mini challenge in the middle of the year while I waited for Sophie's second open heart surgery. There were also 3 birthday parties and birthday cakes to make, slippers for dads in hospital on Fathers Day, beanies for premature babies, items for my handmade business and more!

Just some of the other things I made in 2015

For the actual challenge, below I have made a list in order of completion (from what I can remember, I've not checked thoroughly!)  See the individual posts for the whole story, and links to the original inspiration;

Crochet Cake - This kit was a Christmas gift. Being a novice, I had some troubles with this one, however I made it. It's still technically in one piece, but has been 'well loved'

I like my cake with less fluff

Crochet Pear - I liked making this one but haven't attempted another and don't know if I could!

Original from Mollie Makes / My Pink Pear

Easter Egg Cosies - I loved making these. They were quick, easy, and a lot of fun. I would make them again.

It'll be Easter again soon

Love Heart Piñata - The piñata was a hit (pun intended), not as pretty as the original inspiration but mine was for a birthday party not a fancy wedding.

I heart Piñatas

Royal Icing Cookies - I was a bit disappointed with how these turned out. I'm not really interested in trying again and will leave this to the experts.

They still tasted yum

Tea Bags - Weren't as easy as they looked, however the kids still love playing with them. 

A spot of tea

Girls Cardigan - I enjoyed making this one, it took quite a while but i was pretty impressed when it all came together and looked like a cardigan. It's so soft and my daughter loves wearing it, bonus.


Child's Apron - I was scared of this one, however it turned out almost perfect!

My first sewing project for 2015

Christmas Tree Skirt - I didn't really complete this the way I had wanted, it also turned out quite large. At least I did it. I may make some alterations for next Christmas.

Tis the season

Card Table Tent - From Bat Cave to 'Imagination Cave'! I love that the kids can make whatever they want of this.

Use your imagination

Three Bears House - Without a doubt, this turned out to be my favourite. I loved being able to create my own fairytale house and I will most certainly make another one day. I just need to wait for inspiration to strike.

Bolero - I made it, enough said. Mine looks horrible when comparing it with the original. I will wear it though.

Perhaps a flower would help...

Right now, I feel free! Free that I can make whatever I want, free to make anything and everything. Now where will I start...

Happy making for 2016, did you play along in 2015? How did you do?

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